About Us

With a deep appreciation for the natural world, Elisabeth Cadle creates art and atmospheres which speak of the transformative journey and effects of time. The incorporation of the natural world into her art gives a distinctive organic flavor readily familiar to people of any artistic preference or background. Elisabeth approaches her life and art through mindfully looking, listening and responding to the surroundings, gathering inspiration and reflecting the joy of learning to others.

Her love of nature often lends itself to long hikes or underwater dives where she gathers plants, bark, rocks, coral, or seashells that eventually become inspiration for her work or even textures that she presses into her clay. Curiosity leads her to choose diverse mediums which she pushes through a series of processes to find boundaries and orchestrate the delicate balance of inherent and imposed characteristics. This develops a conversation or harmony in each piece that is imbued with reverence and appreciation for the act of creation. A timeless quality derives from the many layers achieved by the movement of a found tool or the impressions of intriguing textures which impose a pattern on the form. The stages of this journey are enlivened by washes of color and encapsulated in pools of glaze that can be either assimilative or reflective, giving her art an aged aesthetic.

Elisabeth Cadle recieved her BFA from the Columbus College of Art and Design in 1997 with a major in both painting and ceramics. She was then selected to study at the New York Studio Program where she created full sensory installations. After completing her education, Elisabeth pursued each of her dual passions. She started a production pottery business in Brooklyn where she created wheel-thrown stoneware that was exhibited in craft galleries nationally. Her work moved beyond art as objects in the home to creating custom environments. With her love of installations and the background she inherited from her father's work in the historical construction field, she began a decorative painting business that has taken her around the world.

Eventually, Elisabeth was drawn to New England where nature and the elements are an integral part of living. She established Flux Decorative Painting and Mud Flux Pottery & Tile in Enfield, New Hampshire. She works directly with her clients to consult, collaborate and create work that sets the stage for inspired living.